How users work in Lending App

Lending App comes with the user management features you need to run your app.
Users can:
  • Login to the app
  • Onboard themselves into the app
  • Reset their passwords
The User Table is the table in your Airtable base that stores your users email addresses.

We need a User Table

In Lending App, we allow you to create an app on top of your existing data, and that includes your users. We don't make you maintain a separate list of users outside of your Airtable base.
You may already have a list of people who you want to be able to access your app in your Airtable base, if so that's great, you can use that with Lending App.
If you haven't yet got a table of the people who will access the app in your Airtable base then you will need to add one in order to use Lending App. You should make sure it has an email address field so that we can send onboarding emails to your users when they onboard themselves.
(Note: Lending App never sends emails to your users without you knowing about it)
For the smoothest setup this should be added before you complete the onboarding process so that you can setup the Users Table and the email field on it during the onboarding process itself.

Changing the User Table

If you want to change the User table after you have completed onboarding then you can do this on the user settings page:
[Your app URL]/admin/users/settings
Click on the expand button underneath the User Table section to reveal the update form. It automatically defaults to your current user table and email column.
The save button will only be enabled if you select a different column or table.
Due to this action affecting any currently registered users, a warning box will appear before you changes are saved.
Once you have confirmed, you will then see the updated table and email column.